How I Drive with Hand Controls as a Quad (video)

Jenny: Okay, well. It appears that we just drove into a dead-end. I apologize. We’ll make a great big circle.

Leslie: So, it's just like Driver's Ed Class. You can totally take our voices out of the video, right?

Jenny: Oh, yeah.

Leslie: Your van still has the new car smell. You probably don't smell it anymore.

Jenny: Okay, so I'm going down out here where we've got a light.

Leslie: So, what's the beeping?

Jenny: That is the blinker.

Leslie: It does it automatically?

Jenny: It runs through, it's on my hand control. So, I tip it to the right and to the left.

Leslie: No way!

Jenny: Oh, I'm supposed to be going this way. I think we might be going the wrong way. Siri: Use the left two lanes to turn out to Preston highway.

Jenny: Okay. We're good. Yes, so my blinkers are on my hand controls. Brake is forward, gas is backwards, and side to side are the blinkers.

Leslie: Oh, I am just blown away!

Jenny: And the tri-pin just holds me in right here.

Leslie: But the blinkers, you definitely have to talk about that in your video.

Jenny: Yeah. And then if you can see the blue dot over here, one hit is blinkers or wipers. And then if we're not in a very noisy place, I can show you…

Leslie: The horn.

Jenny: You hold it down longer. And so if I hear two beeps and let go, it'll be the horn. If I hold it there for three beeps…

Leslie: Do the wipers again.

Jenny: If I hold it down for three beeps, it's the bright lights. So it works really well.

Leslie: That is so awesome. Now with all your modifications being different and being more…

Jenny: Much more expensive.

Leslie: Yeah. So do you mind me asking?

Jenny: Voc Rehab covers it…

Leslie: Sure, of course.

Jenny: Basically when I saw the cost, I told them that they put the van down twice, because I was horrified with the cost, to a point where I was just like, “The taxpayers should not be paying this much money for modifications.” And it really made me think about it. But I had to look at the big picture. If I can't drive, I can't work. Then I'm on SSDI, I'm not paying taxes, and they're paying for my health care. So you add that up over two or three years…

Leslie: It's worth it.

Jenny: It equals out for tax payers that I am able to drive and pay taxes and get my own health care.

Jenny and Leslie

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