Yes I Can - Our Newest Resource


It would be an understatement to call the life of a newly diagnosed or injured person overwhelming. It is all too easy for your mind to focus on all the doors that feel shut and bolted when your life is turned on its head. The questions come quickly. Can I still live my life the way in many of the ways  I did before?  

We have a group of people from all walks and rolls of life, and at different stages, who are here to show you how they were able to answer those "Can I still" questions, with practical tips and stories of how they overcame their own obstacles. With topics ranging from independent living, relationships and starting a family, maintaining an active lifestyle and managing your own health, we hope to provide you with a tool that can help you find your own "Yes I can" moments and not let injury or diagnosis define who you are.  

Let us help give you the confidence to know that Yes You Can!  

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