Manage my Health

When your life changes in an instant, whether it is from injury or diagnosis, the level of fear and difficulty with managing your own health can increase greatly. This can include your physical, mental, and financial health. There is much to learn to juggle such as very frequent appointments, new routines, and learning new ways of doing things you may have been doing your whole life. The Bardcare Contributor Team wants to provide you with some tools to take control of your heath and enable you to gain confidence in your ability to tackle these areas as independently as possible if you so desire!

In all of these areas, we agree that you should do your research! Don’t just take the word of one person as fact! Everyone has their own way of doing things, and finding the way that best suits you is of utmost importance.  Utilize social media and groups to gain a wealth of ideas on how to relearn to manage your health from your peers who are experiencing similar situations and hurdles and finding their own triumphs! Definitely check with your doctor when it comes to following through with whatever plans you decide to take.

Adjust your expectations in order to maintain your health. Your schedule, energy levels, and even budget may look very different than others around you. Be okay with that and don’t feel bad about saying “no” when you are tired, or asking for help when you need it.  Knowing this, make quality rest time a priority so you can be the healthiest version of you that you can!  Be proud of the many things you can and will accomplish! 

Use the links below to delve into specific areas of managing your health in more detail. Hopefully you will find them useful in your journey to independence and being able to say “Yes, I can manage my own health!”