Yes I Can Have a Home

Owning your own home is a big step!  After injury, or living with a limiting condition, the idea of managing your own home may seem overwhelming.  Our Bardcare community has navigated these waters themselves. They have many great tips to help you gain your independence and take charge of your own space!  From home or apartment shopping, to making modifications, to maintaining your home, let us share our stories of triumph as home owners to help guide you as well!

Mike says

  • Make sure door ways are wide enough for manual and power chairs. Install sinks that different height wheelers can get under.
  • Avoid carpet as much as possible so as to not have to worry with dirty tires.
  • Have multiple exit routes and ramps out of the house in case of emergency.
  • Having lots of storage is great as supplies and chair parts take up a lot of room.

Jeremy says

  • Make sure you do modifications to your bathroom. Have a grab bar by your toilet, as well as some grab bars for your shower.

Josh says

  • Make sure switches are reachable - like the ones for the garbage disposal and the hood vent over the cooktop.

Amanda says

  • Look for cost effective options that can make your life easier right off the bat, like light switch extenders and movable ramps for the doors, until more permanent fixes can be made.
  • Be smart about placement of furniture and items you use a lot, to make them more readily available.

Leslie says

  • Use offset, Z–shaped door hinges to widen doors.
  • Install lever door handles that are easier than traditional round knobs.
  • For bathrooms, a few helpful features are a counter and sink open underneath with insulated pipes, lever controls – single faucet preferred, adjoining counter space, and a lowered, tilted mirror.

Jenny says

  • Pocket doors can provide great accessibility.
  • Have extra pantry storage in the kitchen since upper cabinets are useless.
  • Buy a programmable or wireless remote thermostat that you can schedule how you like.

Caroline says

  • For the bathroom - heated flooring, lighting on motion sensor, roll in shower, shower head on slide bar, handles and knobs you can easily use on cabinetry.
  • For the kitchen - install drop down shelving and roll out shelves in cupboards, drawers and pantry.
  • Throughout the house - blinds operated by remote control.

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