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My name is Karen and I was born and raised in Columbus Georgia. I had a wonderful childhood growing up with my parents, two brothers, and one sister. In 1984 when I was nineteen, my Mama died of colon cancer after a brief one and a half month battle at the age of forty three. My Father was left with three kids still at home. Her death completely changed the course of all of our lives. I quit my part time job at Kmart, withdrew from college, and became “Sister Mama” to a ten year old sister and fifteen year old brother.

I have been married to my husband for twenty seven years and we have three children. Laney is twenty four years old and has recently left the nest. She is an RN and works at Midtown Medical Center in the NICU. Her twin brothers who came after many years of praying and waiting will turn fourteen in November. They made their entrance ten weeks early and spent the first five weeks of their lives in the same NICU.



Laney was just ten when she was called to “pay it forward” to others who would travel down a similar path as ours, by deciding on her dream to become a nurse. Needless to say, my children are my life’s greatest accomplishment. It has been my prayer that I would not leave them early as my Mother left us. When I turned forty four we celebrated big! Because of this, aging to me is a beautiful thing. I had the privilege of blowing out fifty candles in March!

In 2013, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after going in for a hysterectomy. I will save that story for next time. I continue to love life and haven't let it stop me! I would like to take you along on this journey; raising multiples with Multiple Sclerosis. Life with twin teenage boys, homework times two, mixed with a good measure of ADD, and garnished with MS fatigue, is the perfect recipe for one tired nonetheless very blessed Mama.

Join me, will you?


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