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Adversity is just part of life. What sets people apart is not the hardship endured, but the response and manner they have chosen to manage emotions about it. A challenge can be used as a reason to step up and grow. And for Josh, that is exactly the choice he made when faced with a life changing event.

24-year-old, Josh holds an impressive mechanical engineering degree from Virginia Tech. He graduated from Virginia Technical in 2013 and secured a job with the government as a nuclear engineer at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. His career later took him to work as a project estimator and manager at Old Dominion Insulation.

He was a resident of Arlington, VA where he was involved in all things related to sports. From riding a Honda CBR 600 RR motorcycle to soccer, baseball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, swimming, and playing in every recreation league possible. Josh explains, “I greatly enjoy the comradery and competition sports provided.”

On August 23, 2014, Josh went to visit co-workers in Virginia Beach. That day they went to the beach to enjoy the beautiful summer day. After playing the usual beach games for a while, everyone retreated into the water to cool off. Josh was the last to enter. He ran into the ocean and dove into awave. His head hit a sandbar, breaking his neck and leaving him instantly paralyzed.

Luckily his friends came to his side and flipped him over, to prevent him from drowning. Josh was flown to a nearby hospital, and then transferred to Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA after six days in the hospital. Shepherd was his home for the next four months. Josh had daily rehabilitation where he learned how to function with a new body.

Today, Josh continues to work at his job as an estimator. He enjoys working out at the gym, and competing in sports through Sportable, an organization that provides adaptive sports and recreational opportunities. Josh also put his engineering degree to work and started a business called Handizap where he markets his invention, the Sixth Digit, a device that helps individuals with limited hand dexterity text and type. Although Spinal Cord injury is fairly new to Josh he has meet this challenge with a passion that sets him apart from others. We can’t wait to read about all your life journey’s Josh!

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