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Jenny is a true competitor.  Intense competition is a part of her roots and her will to emerge a winner is simply part of who she is.  Perhaps one of the most critical factors in remaining a winner is knowing what to do in the face of adversity. Jenny, a competitive gymnast, knows exactly how to remain tenacious, despite circumstance.    

In 1989, while tumbling at the age of 16, Jenny sustained a C6-7 spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the chest down.  In the months to come, Jenny’s future was ambiguous.  But her fighting spirit gave her the grit to push on.  Jenny continued to compete; now competing in life to overcome SCI.  From the very early days after injury, she had the passion to not only survive but to thrive.  Jenny sought a life with purpose.

She graduated from Christian Academy of Louisville just one year after her injury.  Moving on to attend University of Louisville where she completed an undergraduate degree and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.

In 2001 Jenny began working for a non-profit organization that distributed wheelchairs to individuals with disabilities in developing countries; she has worked in Afghanistan, Mexico, Costa Rica, and El Salvador distributing chairs and other mobility aids.

In 2009 she accepted a position with an international non-profit organization. Jenny works with the organization’s personnel to ensure they stay healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually while working cross-culturally. This includes pre-field preparation, staying in touch with workers who are overseas, and debriefing workers who are on furlough or are transitioning back to the United States. She also visits the organization’s workers in Asia, North Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Jenny’s first attempt at adaptive athletics was playing tennis in 2000. After several years of playing tennis, she began rowing in 2004 with Louisville Adaptive Rowing and played wheelchair rugby for several seasons with Frazier TNT. Rowing remains her first love.

A self-proclaimed nerd, Jenny enjoys researching family history, reading a variety of genres of books, and studying languages. She loves interacting with peoples from different cultures and cherishes time spent with her “munchkins” (a.k.a, her niece and nephew).  

Jenny continues to push forward rising to the daily challenges a winner!


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