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I feel like I have lived two lifetimes, the “before” and the “after” life. In my “before” life, I was an active duty Marine, a law enforcement officer, and a multi-sport athlete. I spent twenty-three years pursuing opportunities of various kinds and most of them were very physical in nature.
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Our lives did a 180 degree turn in August 2014. In an instant life changed for all of us. As Josh's mom, I wished I could have changed places with him, but I couldn’t. It amazes me to think how much Josh has accomplished and how far he has come since the onset of his injury.
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I would like to take you along on this journey; raising multiples with Multiple Sclerosis. Life with twin teenage boys, homework times two, mixed with a good measure of ADD, and garnished with MS fatigue, is the perfect recipe for one tired nonetheless very blessed Mama.

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