The Advantages of Being in a Wheelchair

The Advantages of Being in a Wheelchair

Situational Awareness involves being aware of what is going on in time and space around you. It is something you commonly hear discussed in dealing with sports teams, the military, and Making lemonade from lemons. Look for the silver lining...we have all heard these expressions. And there are times being in a wheelchair has its advantages. Of course, most people will tell you that us folks in wheelchairs have a distinct advantage when it comes to the good parking places but that is not the only time the chair pays off.  Read More...

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Adversity is just part of life. What sets people apart is not the hardship endured, but the response and manner they have chosen to manage emotions about it. And for Josh Smith, that is exactly the choice he made when faced with a life changing event.

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My name is Maria. I am 37 years old, and I am from Hazlehurst, Georgia. I

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I feel like I have lived two lifetimes, the “before” and the “after” life. In my “before” life, I was an active duty Marine, a law enforcement officer, and a multi-sport athlete. I spent twenty-three years pursuing opportunities of various kinds and most of them were very physical in nature.
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