Creative summertime activities


1. Watch a Movie Outside
Watch a movie on a warm summer’s night under the stars. This can be an unforgettable romantic experience or a neighborly get together (please practice social distancing). Achieve this in your backyard or your neighborhood common area. Pinterest offers unique ideas for making an outdoor screen. Smart phones and streaming videos offer an easy way to find movies. Screen projectors are surprisingly affordable.


2. Visit a local outdoor market (practice social distancing).
Local markets can be a really great way to get outside. Markets offer an array of goods, variety of food options and local music acts. Curb cuts and sidewalks make this a summertime option that is wheelchair friendly.


3. Picnic at the Park
Invite a friend. Take the kids. Make a charcuterie board. A picnic is a timeless tradition that still is in my top five favorite summertime activities.


4. Explore the beach
Accessible beaches can be tricky to find. But they do exist and are becoming increasingly popular. Plan ahead. Find beaches and properties that offer a wheelchair mat that makes navigation on sand easy with a wheelchair. Find pools that offer a lift for easier access. Ask beachside properties if they offer beach/pool loungers that are higher in height. This can make transferring easier (these are becoming popular as well. Higher loungers are easier for everyone.) Call visitor centers and ask if the community has beach wheelchairs for rent.



5. Take a nature stroll
Take a roll on the sidewalk. Even on the neighborhood street. Be intentional in discovering nature. Use your smartphone to document with pictures the discoveries you make on your stroll. Strolls in the outdoors never disappoint.



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