Building Our Home – Part 2 

In the first article of my building series, I explained the process of what it took to get our construction loan and to get our land deeded to my wife and I from her grandparents. We also had the land surveyed. Since closing on our loan, it has been a very slow process for us due to so many people building right now. 

Clearing the Property  

Our property was covered with pine trees and few hardwood trees that had to be completely stripped away before any building could take place. I called around to different grading companies and had three different companies give me a quote. The most expensive was $4700 and the cheapest $1700. So, of course, I went with the cheapest bid.  

The downside of so many people building is having to wait. We had to wait three weeks before he could come and grade our land. He did send someone out ahead and get some of the pine trees down before he came out.  

Three weeks went by and he was able to clear our land in a day and a half. I went to pay him and he surprised me. He told me to only give him $1000. He said it saved him a lot of time by having that other company get those pine trees out of his way.  

 Laying Out the House  


Once our property was graded, my builder sent his team out to lay-off our house. Once it was laid off, I could tell the back of our house was going to have to have a basement because of the slope. We discussed what it would cost. We decided to change the layout and turn my house from facing the road. By doing so, it would allow us not to have to have a basement. I don’t want a basement being in a wheelchair. It’s more money I would have to spend on buying something to get down the stairs to the basement.   

The Foundation  

After we had it laid out for a second time, we finally got someone to come out and build our foundation. I initially wanted to do a slab foundation, but due to the slope of our land we need to get it off the ground more in case of a lot of rain. So we went with a block foundation and will have a crawl space.  

It took two guys about a week to do our foundation. I was really impressed with the brick mason who did our foundation. The foundation has been finished for over a month and we still haven’t started the next process of framing. My contractor has been waiting on our trusses to come in before he starts framing. It normally takes around three weeks to get your trusses back from the truss companies. But with so much building taking place, its taking six weeks.  


With the way things are going, our 90 days to build our home is looking like it’s going to be double that time  


I have been frustrated by having to wait so long to see any progress on our home. My builder has received nearly $50,000 so far and what’s frustrating is that I don’t see $50,000 worth of work done on our property thus far.   

My builder is ensuring me that once the trusses come in they will have our new house in the dry” (e.g., framed in with doors, windows, exterior siding and trim, and roof installed) quickly. Once in the dry, they can really get to moving on it.   

So as of now, I will continue to try and remain patient and sit back and watch and keep my fingers crossed that we will be in our new home before Christmas  

I’ll keep you all updated and add to the building series once we reach the next steps!  





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