How I Cath on an Airplane (Video)

I'm often asked how I cath while I'm on an airplane. I was recently on a nine-hour flight to Europe and so I decided to videotape what I do. First of all, I use a Bard Touchless Plus catheter, and this makes it super easy because it's a closed system catheter, which means that a bag is attached to the catheter. So, I'm actually going to cath sitting in the airplane seat, and very few people will even know what's going on. I definitely use just a clean technique, not a sterile technique, so nothing else is needed. My hands never touch the catheter and the catheter is also pre-lubricated. As you can tell, an airplane can be a little bit of a tight space and getting the catheter in can be a little difficult if you can't use your hands and arms fully, but I managed. I did use a plastic bag to put the catheter in and in that way it just kind of hides the urine that's coming out.  

I also wear a scarf, and this is for two reasons. Planes are always really cold, and the second reason is that I can pull the scarf around to obscure the view of what I'm actually doing. It's really important to drink while you're on a long flight like this. You don't want to get dehydrated. The air is very dry and so you just need to constantly be drinking. I do use wet wipes when I'm done. I'm just pulling the catheter out now. This is the only time that my fingers will touch the catheter and I put the lid back on and I'm done, so it will just go in the plastic bag and my travel buddy takes it to the restroom where she will dispose of it. 

That's how it's done. 


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