Wheelchair Accessibility in Paradise: St. Thomas (Part 1)


My wife and I recently took a cruise to the Caribbean. Each port offered exciting and beautiful adventures. Follow our journey in this three-part series called Wheelchair Accessibility in Paradise.  

Day 1: St Thomas


St. Thomas is one of those island destinations I've always wanted to visit but the steep, narrow roads, deep sandy beaches, “wrong-way driving,” and limited accessibility were always concerns. However, thanks to our new friend Larry, many of those concerns were easily remedied.  

Larry owns a wheelchair accessible tour guide service and mobile transportation company called “It Could Be Worse.” Being from the islands he definitely knows his stuff. We loaded up in his rear entry, lowered floor minivan for a sight-seeing adventure. And let me say, he's worth every penny.  

He took us to all the normal hot spots: Megan's Bay, Mountain Top, etc, But without divulging his route, he provided personal touches unique to St. Thomas. He took us by schools, churches, and neighborhoods, explaining their history and significance along the way. Larry had numerous stops along the tour for pictures, banana daiquiris, souvenirs, and the occasional iguana crossing. But finding out where the locals hangout was of importance to us and Larry was eager to oblige.  

The highlight for me was when we stopped for supper at a restaurant overlooking the beach at sunset and with a little coaxing, Larry called his wife Atanya and their daughter Ann to join us. What an amazing family! Getting to know local people and seeing how God is working in and through their lives is an overwhelming joy.  

Larry is a jack of all trades and very busy man. He asked if it was okay for his wife to drop us back at our cruise ship, since he needed to head to his next job as a radio host. It wasn't unexpected he had to run, but the fact that he gave us a shout out on the radio and personally thanked us for a great day made the experience even more special 

If you're thinking about visiting St. Thomas and you have wheelchair accessibility needs, give our friend Larry a call at (340) 771-1735. You'll be glad you did. His van can easily accommodate a power wheelchair and 3 other guests. Tell him ROAR sent you.  


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