A Mama’s Reflections on her Daughter’s Wedding 


Every little girl dreams of her fairytale wedding. And their mamas dream right along with them. I was so overwhelmed with joy when my daughter met her beloved. It was a beautiful surprise engagement in a barn owned by my soon-to-be son-in-law’s close family friends. The view was amazing and the sweet proposal was just what little girl’s dreams are made of.

We began planning right away. We found the perfect dress for the bride, met with our florist who completely captured Laney’s vision, and planned the perfect menu with my friend who did the catering.  The “venue” was a gift from the sweet friends who owned the barn where he proposed. The working barn where animals were doctored would be transformed into the most magical palace for our sweet princess to get married in.

The bride was easy. It was the Mother of the Bride that was the most complicated. After buying and returning several dresses, it all came down to the shoes. I found a beautiful pair of gold heels to wear. I absolutely loved them and could see myself walking down the aisle in those heels that were not only beautiful, but would also add a couple of inches to my height. The day of the wedding I walked in the barn prior to the ceremony and began to consider the uneven gravel floor in the barn and my already unsteady gait due to multiple sclerosis.

Was I willingly setting myself up for a fall?

Just like Cinderella’s step-sisters, the shoes didn’t truly fit me (my situation). I certainly tried hard to make them work. I quickly came to my senses and changed into a more sensible, steady shoe just prior to walking down the aisle. My cane sat waiting for me at my table. I was escorted by my twin sons. I was shaking and feeling ever so thankful I was not making that trek down the aisle in those beautiful gold heels. The boys held me tight. Their role and purpose was to keep Mama steady. Filled with emotion, I realized my shoes didn’t matter after all.

Multiple sclerosis may have taken away my ability to wear the shoes of my choice, but it didn’t keep me from completely soaking in the beauty of that day. As I watched my daughter being escorted down the aisle by her Daddy, as she walked towards the man of her dreams, all was well in this Mama’s world.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”  ~Marilyn Monroe


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