Spinal Cord Injury Awareness

I remember finding out about SCI Awareness month when my son was still in inpatient rehab at the Shepherd Center. September had just rolled into October when I realized we had missed bringing attention to a horrible condition that greatly impacted my son. But I did not let that stop me from finding a way to get the word out and raise awareness for those living with paralysis.   

My son was due to get his collar off on October 8th. To celebrate that milestone, as well as raise awareness for spinal cord injury (SCI), I created a “Let Your Green Be Seen” day. Green is the ribbon color of SCI Awareness. The objective was to flood his Facebook journey page with green  whether it be wearing green or holding something that was green. I made sure there was a big build up to that day! When it came, so many of his friends (including Facebook), family, medical staff and patients at Shepherd, a frisbee team, and his fellow employees participated in the event. Green was all over his journey page! There was post after post of individuals and groups showing support by wearing green! My son was thrilled to have such support, as well as raise awareness for SCI.   

I did a video a couple of years ago to help raise awareness. This year, my son has decided to share daily the pros and cons of living with SCI. We need to get the word out and be as creative as possible in our approach. There are so many other conditions that share this month as well. An effective awareness day has got to give people a window into what a real person who's living with SCI is going through. My goal is for people to see the face of Spinal Cord Injury. Together we can continue to keep SCI in the spotlight and hope in time better treatment can be found.  


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