Modification to Chest Press Gym Equipment

While adjusting to your disability staying active can be a challenge. A routine exercise program is a great plan for anyone. We reached out to Tony, a therapist that is skilled at adapting gym equipment. Tony offers a great instructional video and offered these benefits for keeping your body in motion.

Tony suggests that exercise may help with:

  • Maintaining your independence. Since you have a disability, you may feel limited in your ability to engage in physical activity. But avoiding physical activity is not an option. Find ways you enjoy being active and be creative in adapting gym equipment. Building strength can be a benefit in daily independence.
  • Balance your muscle groups. Physical limitations can create underuse of muscles. Talk with your primary care physician to develop a safe plan to utilize gym equipment or develop an at home exercise plan.
  • Improve the quality of your life. Going to the gym, park or swimming pool can be fun, especially if you take along family or friends and engage in an activity you enjoy. It's also an opportunity to meet people and make friends.

In Tony’s video, he demonstrates how he adjusted a standard chest press machine. He unweighted the standard 10lb load to make the press weight lighter to fit the clients need. The concept takes any movement and uses a momentum spot technique to keep the client doing repetitions. A graduated approach can then be employed in order to increase functional strength thereby decrease the amount of assisting so the person can do the movement against gravity and eventually added weight.

Thank you Tony for giving us insight how to adjust a standard chest press machine.

Keep pushing on!


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