Indoor Workout – Ergometer

The weather is cooling off and I will no longer be able to get out to the river to row. During the winter, I do continue to erg or use a rowing machine. Behind me you will see the erg. And my coach had this wonderful way of fixing this so I am actually able to get everything set up on my own.

Okay – so I’ve got my gloves on and I am going to go over to the erg.

The purpose of a cardio workout is to get your heart rate up. One good way to tell is if you can still talk but you’re having a little trouble breathing. As you can tell, I am at that point right now.

I typically try to get twenty minutes in – so – ten more seconds. All right.

Now I can put - take my hands off, put the handle back and take a deep breath and know that I got a good workout in.

I hope this has shown you a little bit about what you can do on an erg and how you can continue to work out through the winter.  

Here are some other ideas for working out.

My Cardio Workouts

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