A Note from Kay Ledson;
Unexpected Joy of being a Grandmother

“Watching Josh become a father has healed our hearts. Josh hasn’t done any formal therapy since A. J.’s birth. Instead he has thrown himself into being able to look after his son. Josh learned to pick up A. J. from his crib and the floor; huge tasks for him to master. He learned to carry this precious baby. (Josh has always struggled with carrying anything and managing to balance.) He learned to pick him up and put A. J. securely in his car seat. Little things, yet huge to master. I remember when A. J. was about 20 months old, Josh called me. He was crying. He told me how he had looked after A. J. on his own for 10 hours! He was overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

When Josh was injured he was told he would never be able to conceive a child naturally, yet again he has been blessed with a miracle.


A. J. has grown into an active, healthy, 2-1/2 year old little boy. He is active like his dad was, jumping from kitchen benches to the floor, giving us all heart attacks. When he lands he simply claps his hands and gives us all the thumbs up.

In 18 years since Josh’s catastrophic injury, his cord has deteriorated even more through scar tissue. He has 5% cord function at C6 / C7. His injury level is C5/T1. Yet, he never allows his injury to determine his level of living. He just keeps pressing forward.

Josh has just passed his heavy duty machinery operator licenses, he is a licensed drone pilot, he continues to challenge his initial doctor’s prognosis that he would never get out of bed, and at best he would drive a power chair with mouth controls. I am so proud of my son and thrilled to be a grandmother. Josh and I pray that his life will serve as an example to never give up.”

Thank you Kay for the update! I like this letter because it demonstrates how everyday life can be therapy.

Here' are few tips to stay active: 

  • Try new things. Like Josh, maybe piloting a drone could be fun and useful. Check your local community for places that offer lessons on drone piloting.
  • If you have young children in your family, go visit them. Being around children can add wonder and a new experience in your life. They can challenge us in many ways.
  • If your injury changes (even if it degrades), do not let it define you. You are so much more than SCI. Embrace the essence of who you are and take a stand to never let anything steal that from you. 

Push on,  Leslie

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