Bedside Solutions

My nightstand is a hot mess! It was such a disaster that I was desperate for ideas. I went to social media and posted to a SCI support group my struggle with this high use space.

Online support groups can be a treasure trove of useful information. This proved to be true in my endeavor. Here’s my post:

“I’m curious, is it just me or can others relate? My bedside table is 'high value real estate'. I get in bed with all my gear (meds, cathing supplies, water, etc.). My thought process is once I have made that last transfer, I don't want to get up until morning. This results in a disaster zone on my bedside table. Please respond if you can relate. I would appreciate clever solutions for my issue. I'm attaching a picture of my current situation. Feel free to share your bedside table pictures. No judgement please. I know it's a mess!”

I was pleasantly surprised by the responses I received.

One peer posted, “Yes! I was just thinking on this same problem the other day. I looked at my husband’s night stand which has an alarm clock, cell phone charger, and a picture. Mine has a lamp, bottled water, basket with meds, whatever book I’m reading, TV remote, Firestick remote, fan, iPad, phone, earbuds and sometimes food.”

Another peer made this suggestion, “Okay - here’s what works for me. I bought a table online. It’s like a TV tray - I have a little basket that’s tiered. It holds pad of paper with pen, earbuds, extra water bottle, night cream, hand cream, small mirror, healthy snacks, and other small items. On the table, I have my Kangen water bottle, remotes for heater and ceiling fan. I use a back scratcher to turn on/off light switch nearby. I also have hand sanitizer, tissues and, of course, my cell phone. And I have a small Tupperware container that hold my earplugs, ChapStick, nail filer and my meds for the night/ morning. The struggle is real”

These posts and suggestions made me feel so much better. There was a part of me that felt I was just an unorganized person (well, I am, but at least in this particular area, I wasn't alone.) I was now on a mission! To find a solution that would help me organize my items. This suggestion was posted and I thought it was creative and helpful.

“I had my hubby attach an electrical strip outlet to my nightstand. It is an easier for me to plug and unplug things." Another peer recommended using a craft cart. The multiple drawers provide ample space to store items.

I started an internet search for a shelving solution with wheels. Here's what I ordered:

I have circled some items that I always have within reach:

  • Magic3 GO® catheters
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Wipes
  • Book and IPAD

I still need to add my space heater and my water bottles but I sure have ample space for them.

I went with a clip on LED light that has an adjustable arm. That gave me more storage space in my "high real estate area".

I also purchased this bamboo lap tray.

I have to admit, that before taking this picture, I thought I should get a better backdrop. But then, I realized, this is my real life I'm blogging about! The mess in the background is clean laundry this mom needs to fold. Is this relatable? (I sure hope so)

There are so many available options for organization. Define those high value real estate spaces - the ones you use the most - and find ways to maximize that space.



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