Home Modifications under $50

Making your home accessible isn’t cheap, but there are some small modifications you can do to make things easier that won’t break the bank! I would love to share a few things we have done around our house that were less than $50 each, that make our home more accessible for our daughter Maddie.

The first big area of need was in Maddie’s bathroom. We didn’t have a single sink in the house she could reach to wash her hands without us lifting her. For this one you do have to have a little handyman skills or someone in the family with some. We ripped out her old sink that was a cabinet sink. We bought a cheap, on clearance, wall mount sink and set it to the height that Maddie could roll right under and reach to wash her own hands. You would never believe the joy that simple act of independence brought to her as well as the ease it added to our daily routine!

Another source of aggravation for Maddie was not being able to turn on her own lights as she could not reach them from her chair. We found these simple light switch extenders on Amazon® and they did the trick! They also glow in the dark so it makes it easy to find at nighttime.

Along those same lines, Maddie could not reach her lamp on her desk to turn on her light for playing or homework. My mom found this neat light bulb super cheap on the internet that comes with a remote. All you have to do is screw in the bulb into any existing lamp and then the remote turns it on and off. It also has a ton of different color options at the push of a button so we have had a ton of fun playing with our colors!


When searching for some work/play space options for our home, one of our favorite solutions has been our wall mount table top. It attaches to the wall so the height can be set to whatever you need and it also folds down when not in use so you can utilize them in different places without sacrificing space! We are currently using this one for her keyboard and play space.

On the same trip we found the wall mount table, we also picked up a ton of these wall mount shelf boxes. They are light and were less than $4 a piece. We have them placed strategically around the house to hold whatever Maddie may need that would normally be out of reach. They could have a ton of uses in the bathroom, playroom, kitchen, or really anywhere!

In our search for cheap modifications, I have learned to be creative. Think outside the box when perusing the hardware store or furniture aisle. Sometimes you can repurpose things for your needs much cheaper than looking at actual adaptive aids that we all know come with a lofty price tag. Gain knowledge and ideas from social media groups of peers who have learned cheaper options for doing things and would love to share. Check out local bargain resale stores as you never know what treasure you may find at a discounted cost. Hope these tips may help make your home a little more user friendly as well!

Mother and Caregiver to Maddie Kate, a spunky little girly girl with Spina Bifida born in 2011. Wife, cancer survivor and pharmacist.

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