ABC’s of Shooting

Technology has become a great equalizer when associated with disability shooting, allowing individuals of varying injury levels to get back outdoors with the confidence of being on target regardless of hand limitations.

Devices such as rifle rests, stop sticks, “EZ-Trigger”, sip and puff triggers, auto loaders, and rigid frame shooting cuffs allows wheelers to get off the side lines and back into the game.

Each injury level brings unique challenges but allows for customization to the individual shooters needs. Choosing the trigger option, or rifle rest that best suits my needs, depends on the game I’m chasing or the environmental obstacles I’ll face. 

Pictured are items that I personally use depending on my need.

  • Rifle Supports:
    • “Stop sticks” (a portable set of telescoping bipods)
      • Best used when shooting or hunting from a power chair
      • Helps support the weight of the rifle or shotgun as well as help steady aim
      • Cost effective device
      • Works great in a pinch
      • Do have a tendency to want to fold together if I have to pick up on my firearm to reposition or when adjusting for elevated shots
  • Aluminum rifle rests
    • Provides a more “rock solid” shooting device
    • Has a base that slides under my seat cushion that uses my weight to stabilize the device
    • Has an articulating rifle guide that slides into the base and is screwed tight for tension
    • Simplicity of design makes it effective for wheelers of almost any injury level
    • If chair comes with a detachable seat cushion (Jay 2, Roho, etc.) base can be made to fit
  • Trigger Devices:
    • “EZ-Trigger”
      • Best used If there is a heavy or stiff trigger
      • Offsets the amount of pressure (or pull) it takes to get rifle to fire
      • Looks like an upside down trigger that is easily interchangeable between varying firearms
      • Held in place by a recessed pin
      • A small piston sits against the rifles trigger and when pressure is applied, slack is taken up and makes rifle fire
      • Company claims “that trigger pull is reduced by 50%”
    • Sip and puff trigger
      • Useful if hunting from my track chair or in locations where long distance shots may be required
      • Electric piston driven device attached to standard 12-volt power chair battery
      • Activated like their name suggests by air (sip and puff)
      • Load and chamber the firearm as usual
      • To fire rifle you must first turn on the master toggle switch that powers up the device, take aim, suck on the straw to flip off the safety, and blow into the straw to fire
      • Straight forward design frees up your hands
      • Ideal for those with little to no hand function

Let’s face it, the worst part about spending the day at the range is loading and reloading magazines and a friend of mine helped to solve that tedious task with a reloading device.

  • Reloading Devices:
    • Auto loader
      • Wooden framed (slotted) device
      • Empty magazine is placed on one end
      • Desired amount of ammunition is placed in the slotted center, and with the push of a wooden handle, all the rounds slide into the magazine
      • Huge time saver
      • Being a C7 complete quad it allows me to be more hands on in every aspect of shooting sports

Just like everything related to our disabilities some tweaking will be required, but if there is a will, we can make a way. There are far more devices out there than I mentioned, but these are the ones I personally use.  If there is any confusion about any of the products I described, or you need help figuring out how to get back outdoors, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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