Part 3 - My MS Journey
I Have MS. Now What?

It was time for my appointment to get the results of the lumbar puncture/spinal tab, Evoked potential, and blood tests. We already had the results from the MRI. I didn’t expect to be as nervous as I was, but the nerves had set in. I already had to go to the bathroom several times.

For years, I had symptoms from numbness in my legs and arms, the feeling of a tight band around my chest, facial nerve pain, dizziness, balance issues, bladder discomfort, migraines with aura, etc. I had Googled® the symptoms several times. It would always go to a link for Multiple Sclerosis. I would shut down the computer and tell myself “I don’t have that. I know it’s not that.” I didn’t share my fears with anyone.

When my neurologist came in, he sat down with us and said right off the bat “You have Multiple Sclerosis.” I was not as prepared as you would think I would have been, even though it had lingered in the back of my mind for years that it was a possibility. So it was official. I have Multiple Sclerosis, now what? What was this going to mean for me and my family? I still had double vision. Would I be able to go back to work? How was I going to be able to look at a computer screen for 8 hours a day? I couldn’t stay awake that long. My fatigue was horrible. How would I be able to be a good wife and mother?

Before my husband and I left the office, I was given information on several different medications to read up on. My neurologist wanted me to do my research. I needed to decide what medicine I was going to take if I was to take medicine at all. It was my choice. I have Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and the meds are to hopefully help me stay in remission. His recommendation was for me to take them but there are side effects. That’s all the advice I received. When I decided on the medication, I was supposed to call in to schedule a follow up with him.

Overwhelmed does not even accurately describe how I felt. I didn’t want to read anything about the meds. I wanted him to give me a prescription. I wanted him to be the doctor and tell me what to do. We drove home with all of the information and I left it all in my floorboard for over a week. It would get done. I just needed time to process it all.

“All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.” ~ Helen Keller


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