To Cath or not to Cath

Both my Neurologist and my Urologist are in Atlanta at the Shepherd Center. I have had what seems to have been a perpetual bladder infection. I have grown so weary with this part of my disease, if I can be completely honest.

I have spent the last several years in and out of doctor’s offices, even prior to my diagnosis with multiple sclerosis. For convenience sake, I often see my local GP when I suspect I have a urinary tract infection. We have tried to have my GP act as a liaison between myself and my doctor in Atlanta. I‘ve made two ER trips in less than a year that were useless and have been taking far too many antibiotics. My bladder has been described as “a typical MS bladder.” Those were the results of the urodynamic study.

We have tried different medications and nothing has worked. The doctors have mentioned intermittent catheterization, but never completely committed to that course of action. I am in desperate need of relief and control of my life. I have missed work, ballgames, concerts, church and have simply ‘missed out’ as my bladder issues have controlled my life. It was after having two embarrassing accidents and another suspected bladder infection that I knew this demanded more answers.

I made an appointment to meet with my urologist at the Shepherd Center and I think he could sense that I was just worn out. I did in fact have another infection. A urine culture was done to find the right antibiotic to treat the infection. I felt my voice was heard and left feeling so hopeful with our new plan of action.

I was given instructions on intermittent catheterization that same trip. I wasn’t exactly mentally prepared, but I knew something had to give. Thankfully, I had a very good instructor that was “real” and not overly clinical. She showed me a model and talked me through the process and just like that, on the first try, I was successful. When I walked out of the office carrying a plethora of catheters to try, my husband smiled. He said “Thank goodness. Finally, I think this is our answer.”

I am ok with it. This is just another part of my journey and I try to stay positive and go with the flow. Pun intended. So far, so good.

“When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble.”


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