Our Adoption Journey! Taking the First Step

After years of prayers and consideration, we have decided to expand our family through adoption. Maddie is beyond thrilled to be a big sister! We know our family has a lot on our plates medically, but we are certain of the joy this new baby will bring and that we are being called to take this step! There have been many moments up to this point that we thought the time was now, only to face a tough medical circumstance, such as my cancer diagnosis or Maddie’s need for scoliosis rods, that momentarily derailed us.

We are so happy to be in a place now that we can finally move forward with our dream! We realized that being in a place where we felt we could proceed was more about our state of mind than our circumstances. When you are type A like me, you want to have all of your ducks in a row before any endeavor. It is very easy to psych yourself out by dwelling on past hurdles you have had to overcome.

Choosing to expand your family can be a scary decision for any family. When you add in a complex medical diagnosis, that decision can seem even more daunting. Through it all, a child brings so much joy. The love they bring in - unparalleled. Being the parent of a special needs child requires adapting and being able to make changes when needed. The skills we have acquired through these adaptions will serve us well when adding another child to our family. We try to make choices based off what is right for our babies to the best of our ability.

Our decision to adopt, after following our hearts and God's call for our family, has been one of the most validated choices we've made in our marriage. We feel confirmation in our hearts every day that this baby, our sweet baby, is meant to be part of our family just like our Maddie was meant to be. For any family out there wondering about whether or not adoption could be an option for you, we hope to encourage you through our story, to follow your heart and have courage! The blessing of life will far surpass any fear.

Mother and Caregiver to Maddie Kate, a spunky little girly girl with Spina Bifida born in 2011. Wife, cancer survivor and pharmacist.

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