Slippery When Wet

Most wheelers can probably identify...So I recently started running a fever and couldn't shake it no matter how much water I drank. I increased my water intake and vitamin C, but to no avail. The cloudy urine confirmed my suspicions...the dreaded UTI!

Like it usually happens, I started feeling worse when my doctor’s office was closed, so I headed to my local ER to give them a sample to culture. The ER doctor came in with a barrage of questions: when did you start feeling bad, what are your symptoms, do you have a fever? When I responded yes, 102.4, her demeanor changed. Having been injured 22 years and with several UTIs under my belt, I figured I'd go in, give them a sample, receive a preliminary antibiotic, they would confirm the culture and continue oral antibiotics for 7-10 days.

That is not what happened.

As a rule of thumb, I never get into those tiny beds, nor do I put on that ridiculous crotch less gown, but she stated she was concerned I was becoming septic so in the bed I needed to go.

Oops, believing this would be a "routine ER run", I didn't bring my sliding board. Being a Marine, we improvised. I saw a"slippery when wet sign" in the corner and it gave me inspiration.

 We grabbed it and a sheet and made due.

Key take away!

1.  ALWAYS bring the sliding board
2.  NEVER underestimate 4 women and a Marine

Long story short, no signs were injured in the making of this post and my bladder bug was positively identified!

Remember drink lots of fluids, stay aware of your body, but be prepared to put your butt to bed for the sake of science and health!


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