Arm Bike - “Can I try to use this today?” (Video)

There’s nothing about this video that is meant to be taken as heartfelt or even inspiring. It is intended to be an “eye-opening” statement. When I say eye-opening, I mean it! Having a spinal cord injury requires us to advocate for ourselves a large portion of the time. This day in therapy I learned a valuable lesson! I know what’s best to do about my injury.

I couldn’t believe that once my therapist wrapped my hands around the pedals that I could do it! It hadn’t really crossed my mind before. For the most part, a typical day in therapy was me just showing up and doing what I was told. In conclusion, the point of the story is that we all should be looking around at things that we are not doing and try them. Who knows, you may be able to do it and it may just make your day. If you don’t succeed and can’t do the task, keep trying, and don’t get frustrated. With the right determination and tenacity, you may just accomplish a new goal.

Tips to help you be a stronger self-advocate:

  • Determine the areas of your life in which you want to speak up and have a bigger role in decision making.
  • Know your legal rights and know how to responsibly advocate for those.
  • Being a self-advocate is all about balancing assertiveness and respectfulness.
  • Explore! Push yourself and you may be surprised at what you can accomplish.


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