Building a New Home - Kitchen Modifications (Video)

Hi. Welcome to my new house. I’m going to show you a few modifications I had the builders do to the kitchen.

First is the countertop – bar area. I had them lower it a few inches. That way it is easier to eat food and to kind of just hang out while we are watching TV.

And then we’ll come around here and show you a few of the other things. This is a ADA (Americans Disability Act) compliant dishwasher. And then we have the roll-under sink, right here, with the garbage disposal switch – actually inside so that it is easily accessible. And then we also have more roll-under countertop space for food prep.

And then, here, we have the wall oven – which is at a good height for you to be able to roll up to it and put food into it and out with ease – without having to bend over.


And then we have the cooktop with roll-under space as well. And this is a flat cooktop, which is nice because you can slide pots and pans on and off without having to lift them off the little eye coils. The only thing I wasn’t able to do with the layout in this kitchen was to have the cooktop and the sink on the same surface so you could slide boiling water to the sink safely and empty it out. That is something I recommend doing if you are building a house.

And then we have a remote to control the vent for the kitchen hood.

Then we also have more roll-under space here. This whole countertop is also lowered – as I said – for easy access.

And that’s really the gist of the modified kitchen. Thanks for watching.

Tips for Adding Accessibility to a Kitchen:

  • Open space below a lowered cooktop accommodates a wheelchair.
  • Take measurements of the homeowner sitting in his/her wheelchair to determine the correct heights for things such as toe-kicks and countertops. One inch can make a big difference in
    whether something works or not.
  • Open spaces beneath the sink and cooktop can be disguised by custom-designed pocket doors.
  • For people with limited hand dexterity, single-lever faucets may be easier to grasp and control.
  • Lever door handle may be a better option than traditional door knobs.
  • Side-by-side refrigerators make access easy for everyone. No trying to reach the freezer section at the top of the refrigerator.
  • 36-inch-wide doorway help with maneuvering wheelchairs.


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