Baby, It's Cold Outside

Well, it’s that time of year again. All the leaves have fallen and it gets dark around 5:30pm. During the winter months, it can get boring and I tend to lose motivation to exercise. However, I have decided to do something about it - regardless if Jack Frost tries to slow me down. Here’s a good example of how I didn’t allow the cold and dreary days of winter get the better of me.

Recently, we had a snow storm blow in and we got around five inches of snow. I know five inches is not a lot of snow, but in the south that’s a ton! Once the snow was on the ground, I was super excited to go out and play. I recently got a new off-road wheelchair called the Grit Freedom Chair® and I was ready to see how it would perform.

I have taken my off-road wheelchair on numerous adventures in the outdoors. I have taken it through thick mud, crossed creeks and out on the beach (to do some surf fishing). One time, while on a hike, I got hot and wanted to cool off so I took my off-road wheelchair down an old boat ramp into the lake. On all those adventures, the Grit Freedom Chair® performed beautifully.

Now, I got to take my off-road wheelchair in the snow and I was able to plow through without any problems. Since my chair is propelled by hand levers that activate the bike chains, my hands were nice and warm and didn’t get wet from the snow - until later when my wife and I had a snowball fight.

Since I have decided to not let the dreary winter keep me from exercising, I set a goal to lose some weight and get in better shape by doing a workout that involves me pushing my Grit Freedom Chair® for a period of six weeks. The first week, I will push one mile Monday through Friday, and the second week two miles a day till I get up to pushing six miles a day. I will be sure to take a before and after photo and share with you all in an upcoming story.

Finally, I just want to urge you all to get out and make the most out of each day regardless of the weather and enjoy life! If it’s cold out, throw on more clothes or if it’s raining out throw on a rain jacket.

Life is too short and goes by so fast! Don’t let it pass by you!


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