By the Light of the Hospital Monitor

By the light of the hospital monitor, you can watch each breath; holding your own still until you see her chest rise and fall, despite the numbers on the screen silently assuring you that everything is ok. You can watch each heartbeat, thanking the Lord that the numbers keep going. One night of worry is enough to age you years. After about a month, it seems the mother inside has morphed into an unrecognizable creature, half worry, have strength, both sides dueling each other and each taking turns triumphant.

In the end, we will come out stronger, albeit more battle worn from the journey, but to make it to the other side is a blessing that should never be taken for granted. We hurt when our babies hurt, but they are strong, brave, and unrelenting in their determination that life should be one filled with joy despite circumstance. It's hard to see all of this by the light of the hospital monitor, but once out in the light of day, it all becomes clear.

I wish for good health for all first and foremost, but also courage and stamina to get through when the tough times come.


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