Singles Masters Tour – London

I arrived November 26, 2016 looking to claim my 9th Singles World Championship. I traveled with my coach, John Devorss, the day after Thanksgiving. The flight was great! The plane was almost empty so John and I could each have the complete row of three seats. I was able to lie down and get plenty of sleep on the overseas flight.

Once we arrived in London, we went to our hotel, checked in and went over to the tennis site to get our first practice in. (We like to try and have a light workout on the days we arrive to work out the cobwebs from these long flights.) After a light workout, we went to dinner and then straight to our hotel room to sleep as much as possible. This helps us beat the jet lag.

(Upon arriving at the tennis venue, we were greeted with these posters all over the location.)


John and I like to wake up early and walk over to the tennis courts every morning. The walk is our ‘warm up’ for our morning hit. Usually, we are the only ones there this early. However, when we arrived, the ball kids were receiving their training for the upcoming matches. Once they were finished, our intense morning training began. John and I usually spend an hour and half on the court in the mornings. After our workout, we caught a ride back to the hotel with the tournament drivers. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with loads of fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, eggs, and fresh vegetables. Then, we headed back to the room and to rest up.

Prior to the event starting, John and I had some time to take in a movie and take a few photos for my Christmas card. It's a good thing for us to try and get out the hotel. Otherwise, we would go crazy just
sitting in a room. But, there is a fine line of how much extra we want to do. We were there to play tennis and win the event - first and foremost. So, I make sure I am rested and have enough energy to compete at my highest. This is very important.

Once the tournament started, I was busy competing everyday. The way the Masters works is:

1. There are two pools, A and B - both have 3 players in them. (The pool play is a round robin where everyone plays everyone in their pool.)

2. After the pool play is over, the top two players from each pool will play each other in what is called a crossover. (So, whoever came out 1st place in pool A will play against whom ever came out 2nd place in pool B.)

3. With the same thing happening from pool B, 1st place plays 2nd place in pool A.) Whoever wins those two crossovers will play each other in the final.)

I came out first in my pool (A), so I had to play against the 2nd place player in pool B. I won and was advanced to the finals.

In the finals, I ended up playing the player who came out 2nd in my pool (A) because he beat the 1st place finisher from pool B in their crossover. I beat him again in the final round and went on to win my 9th Singles World Championship!

This was my last tournament of the 2016 year. I am now back in San Diego and will be training for the start of next year.

Thanks for following along this year. I look forward to sharing even more stories about my tennis tournaments starting with Australia in January 2017.


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