Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Maddie and I love baking! We take any excuse we can to try a new cake recipe or fun cookie decorating. What better excuse is there than Christmas?

It’s a time where cookies and cakes are a definite must! Maddie’s choice is always anything and everything chocolate! I can get her to break out of the box on occasion with other fun ideas. Last year we made Christmas trees by flipping sugar cones upside down, slathering on green icing, and decorating with sprinkles. Another idea that was a huge hit and is on our holiday baking to do list this year is snickerdoodles, or as Maddie calls them, bulldozer cookies. I sparked her interest by letting her take the little balls of cookie dough and push them through the sugar and cinnamon. She made fun car sounds and said she was using her bulldozer to push sand around. Nevertheless, this recipe is no longer called snickerdoodles in our household!

With tall countertops and a small child’s wheelchair, we did have to use creativity to make this hobby flow smoothly. A friend gave us a computer table on wheels that rises up and lets down. It is light, so we bring it into the kitchen and it is the right height for her to reach. Sometimes we bake in her wheelchair, but I’ve found that if I put Maddie in her stander, her arms are freed up more and the height is even better. Another benefit is her little apron looks adorable on her in her stander! She feels so big being able to help Mommy pour in ingredients all by herself, and that independence is such a gift. It is definitely worth cleaning up sugar off the floor!


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