Putting in Contact Lenses (A Video)

Hi, it’s Jenny. I wanted to show you a demonstration of how I put my contacts in. I have been wearing contacts since I was in seventh grade. And, of course, that was when I still had full hand function.

When I was sixteen and had my injury, my Mom ended up having to learn how to put my contacts in for me. I am just too vain and I like my contacts.

First of all, opening up the contacts is probably the most difficult part. And of course, like a typical quad, teeth are going to be involved.

Putting into my right eye, I put it on the top of my thumb – pull my eye open – and pop it in.

And I do have to have the counter to lean on because I don’t have any trunk muscles.

For putting it into my left eye, I put it on the top of my thumb – like this – hold my eye open – touch it –
blink – and they are in.

Now, I just have to blink a little bit and get them set.

So, that’s how I put my contacts in. I hope that’s helpful to someone out there that just wants to be a
little more independent and have to be reliant on one more thing.

Good luck! And hope you get to practice.


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