Quad Friendly Technology

I work as a real estate agent at 30a Local Properties in South Walton Beach, FL. This is located directly in the middle of Destin and Panama City Beach. I mainly work out of the office in Grayton Beach. I’m partnered with my mother, Arlene, who does most of the showings. My responsibilities include the marketing, initial communication with clients, contract negotiation and closing. The majority of what I do is on the computer and phone. I am unable to pull up to a traditional computer to use the keyboard and mouse. I have been able to get around this hurdle with the use of modern technology.

Here's what works for me. The first thing I have is an adaptive piece of hardware called Mount’n Mover made by Blue Sky Designs. This is what holds my iPad and iPhone in front of me. This has probably been the single most important adaptive device that I purchased (beside of my wheelchair). When talking on phone, I use the Plantronics Voyager Edge wireless Bluetooth headset. I have tried just about every Bluetooth headset. I have found that Plantronics makes the best product. I use it all day. The battery rarely runs out on me. The sound quality is very good and no one can ever tell that I’m using a headset.

Now on to the good stuff. Here’s how I control my entire computer. I have Dragon Dictation on my computer and they have an app called Dragon Remote Microphone. I use this instead of having someone put a headset on me. This allows me to control everything myself (and not have to be hardwired to anything). I have two more apps that turn my iPad into a keyboard and mouse pad. I go back and forth using the two of them because of features and personal preference. The names of these apps are RC Trackpad and Remote Mouse/Keyboard by Benzle. With all these accessories, gadgets and gizmos you will experience more freedom on the telephone and computer than you ever have imagined.

Everyone's ability and situation is unique. I have shared what works best for me but I would highly recommend each individual to seek out solutions that match specific needs.

To find products and resources that may work for you here are a few tips:

  • Conduct a complete internet search to explore options.
  • Ask peers. Join forums or groups that engage in sharing information.
  • Contact customer service departments. When you identify a product that you are considering purchasing, call and ask specific questions. Explain your situation. You may be pleasantly surprised by the value of knowledge you can obtain with one call. This will also help you determine if a purchase is backed by quality tech support. I have a high standard for great customer service support. You should expect quality support as well.
  • Send questions via email. We encourage emails here, on Bard Care, regarding all things associated with SCI. We will always do our best to help find the solutions.


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