Tips to Make Your Space Work

"Your home is the one space where you can remove all physical barriers. It may be challenging and require innovation, but it can be done," explains contributor Danny. He shared one of his favorite home additions that made his life easier and more comfortable. Danny says, "Invest in a recliner. A recliner is a great way to elevate your legs and gain support for your back. The extra support allows me to manage my IPad and relax at the same time. Having a comfortable chair to transfer to allows a nice break from the wheelchair."


Maria spends a lot of time in her kitchen. She has a family of four to feed and after a full day teaching kindergarten she needs effective and fast tools to assist with dinner time.
Her favorite tool in the kitchen is this super-large spoon drainer.

"It is great for draining water off of foods without having to carry heavy hot pots back and forth to the sink." Whenever she is in the kitchen, Maria always makes sure to wear a very thick oven mitt to help prevent burns.


A good, easy, handheld can opener is also a staple product for her in the kitchen. "These simple items make cooking a much less daunting task!" What great ideas, Maria! When can we all come to dinner at your house?

Mike likes to share his space with his friends. Especially, his best friend, Cooper.  "A table that will accommodate your wheelchair is essential. The kitchen table is often the heartbeat of my home. Dinnertime, coffee time, or just fellowship with friends; oftentimes it happens around my kitchen table." Here Mike is seen sharing a bowl of chili with Cooper.

Mike also explains, "Although this is not technically a 'home improvement' I have to admit my vehicle is an extension to my comfort. My independence is greatly increased because I have a vehicle that fits my needs. Yes, they can be expensive, but with savings and research for grants, a modified automobile is an essential piece of equipment for anyone with mobility issues." I think we all can agree that Cooper is a bit spoiled, but looks very cute as Mike's sidekick.

Jenny points out, "At home, I like to have lighting that is easy to turn on and off. With limited hand function, turning little switches on small lamps isn’t possible. I have found some inexpensive solutions to these problems." Her solution: "For turning lights on and off while I am in bed, I added a dimmer switch to a lamp. My floor lamp is plugged into the dimmer switch and the dimmer is adhered to my night stand with Velcro, so it won’t fall out of my reach. I can easily turn the light on before getting into bed. Turning it off when I go to sleep, and back on in the middle of the night or in the morning, is easy."

Karen enjoys her home. She shares her space with her husband, twin boys and two fur babies. But keeping the temperature at a comfortable level for everyone is a challenge. Add Multiple Sclerosis to the mix and the task becomes even more frustrating. "Recently the air went out in our home and we couldn't get a repairman to come out to the house until the following day. Thankfully, my husband keeps a window unit on hand and he purchased a portable air conditioner last year for such a time as this. We also keep cooling scarfs on hand to help bring my temperature down when I can't cool off."

Karen also has tips on how to maintain temperature during the colder months. "We keep heating blankets handy in the event the heat goes out. I don't sleep well with the dry heat, so we keep the temperature lower at night. However, I don't do well being too cold, so a heating blanket is great when I need more warmth than the rest of the family.” Planning for extreme temperatures in either direction is important.Our team agrees that home should be your place of comfort. Having items on hand to keep you comfortable, as well as the others that share your home, is key. Making a space that you enjoy and are truly comfortable in is vital.

There is truly no place like home.

Bard Care Team