Pick Up Transfer (A Video)

There is freedom in mobility. After a Spinal Cord Injury occurs, there are many questions that often occur regarding driving and mobility. Either, facing prohibitive costs when it comes to purchasing the proper equipment or determining what type vehicle meets the needs of the driver. Jeremy demonstrates that a pick-up truck is still a viable option. In this video he shares his tips in how he navigates a transfer from his wheelchair to the driver seat of his truck. We also like how Jeremy’s dog, Daisy, is willing to go along for the ride! Happy driving and exploring.

Hey, everyone. This is Jeremy Kerr with Team BARD Care and I just want to share with you a quick video on how I get in and out of my vehicle.

First step is I typically get as close as I can and then lock my chair, of course. Then I put my right leg in first. Then I lift up my second – my left leg and put it in. And then I slide out of my wheel chair as far as I can. Then I hold on to the bar inside my truck – lift straight up and then slide over. Adjust your feet and that’s it. I’m in.

I have a Bruno® Wheelchair lift. The first thing I do is hook the little straps to the straps on my wheelchair.  And once I have that in place, I have a controller right here that controls everything. I lift it up and it starts to pick it up.  I move it out some so it doesn’t hit my truck. I’ll take out here and the boom will take it all the way up. There you have it – it’s all in place. And I am now able to go wherever I need to go.

The process of getting out is a lot easier. You just slide your legs over a little bit. Grab on to the bar again, slide over, hold on to the door and just let yourself down. Now I grab my left leg and set it on my chair. Then my right leg and put it on the chair. Unlock the chair, of course.

Thank you for watching my video. I hope it helps newly injured that are considering purchasing a truck.

I am a T4-T5 paraplegic so I’ve got pretty good upper body strength but it’s definitely doable and if you don’t want to drive a van or a car – a pick-up truck is definitely the way to go. You can see more videos and read awesome stories at bardcare.com and be sure to join the community.

Thank you and remember – to keep on pushing.


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