A Tool Well Worth Your Time

In my opinion, one of the best pieces of equipment for a child who uses a wheelchair is a stander. These handy tools can provide so much good ranging from heath benefits, to better access, to a different view! We ordered Maddie a dynamic stander (a stander on wheels) at the same time we ordered her first wheelchair, as the insurance would cover both at the same time. It has been a great investment. A stander is wonderful for getting closer to table tops, playing catch, and freeing up your hands for more fun. It is a little cumbersome to get your little one inside, but we found that if we lay it down against the couch so it’s flat, it is so much easier to get Maddie strapped in. 

She fusses sometimes as we are loading her in but she always begs not to get out once the fun begins. We spend stander time playing ball, dancing, and baking where she can reach the table better. These activities make her stander time well worth it to her! Not to mention, seeing her in that position makes your heart just smile after being in her chair all of the time. The stander lets her be eye level with her friends also and I cannot imagine what joy that brings her.

Besides the obvious benefits from stander time, a friend clued me into researching all of the benefits it can give your body as well! At the same time she is playing catch, she is stretching her muscles in a way she normally doesn’t, losing up tight areas. While she is dancing, she is strengthening her bones by weight bearing. While we are baking, she is giving her digestive system a chance to work while it is not compressed in a seated position. I feel, we can provide all of this to our kids while having fun and giving them a new perspective to view life!

If you are a parent looking for a great tool for your child, a stander would definitely be a great choice. Find out if your insurance will cover one and go for it! Your child will love the freedom it gives and that is priceless!


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