The Importance Of Friendship

My daily life is a clear indicator of the importance of friendship. I think it’s vitally important to give friendship the right of way it deserves. Prior to my accident, I was very much the person always on the go. After my injury, I found myself not wanting to call on others for help very often. Just call me Mr. Independence, I guess! And I still like to be extremely active. My injury has highlighted the importance of friendship.

If something needs doing, I generally try to accomplish it myself. Maybe it is a bit of a macho thing. I still try to be as independent as I can, but I have become comfortable saying the words, “I need your assistance please!” And the amazing thing is, it seems to me like God knows this before I do. There is always someone willing to help.

Friends assist me with physical things that can be challenging. Things like car maintenance, home repair, and picking up downed branches after a storm, just to name a few. I find myself in situations often, like loading my hunting ATV, where I need a helping hand. I have the world’s most gracious neighbors. My neighbors are just a phone call away.

Being a musician brings its own set of challenges. Schlepping gear is a musician’s nightmare! Amps, guitar cases, music stands, microphone stands, and cables of all kinds are just a few of the things needed for a gig. I am grateful that my friends understand they will need to be my “roadies” every now and then.

It’s not just about the convenience of having somebody to help. I have become keenly aware that God never intended us to live life by ourselves. I realize that we need that interaction with others. Somebody to talk to is just as important as somebody to pick me up off the floor if I fall out of my chair. Whether it is a lifelong close confidant to listen to the hard subjects or a casual friend to enjoy my beautiful lake view, we need interaction with others. I find it important to have a network of support partners that I can call when I need a friendly ear to work out a situation. Besides my family, I have found a strong cast of characters through my church that are willing to help keep me grounded. And perhaps most important, I have a community of friends that are also dealing with the physical and emotional challenges that come along with being a paraplegic or other disability. They are more understanding of the challenges and issues unique to having a disability since they live that life as well.

I am grateful for my friends and family that provide the assistance, care, and love that I need to live my new normal life. We are not meant to do it alone!


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