Mr. Sun, Please Shine Down

The weather, this time of year, can be tough. Between the cold and the rain, Mr. Sun (as Maddie affectionately calls him) can hide his face for days! I don’t know who gets cabin fever faster, me or Maddie Kate! To avoid losing our minds cooped up in the house, we try to sprinkle in as many indoor activities as possible.

In my quest for motherly sanity, we have come across some great wheelchair-friendly indoor activities to have in our repertoire. One such boredom fighter was bowling. We tried this out with Maddie for the first time a few months ago. The bowling alley has ball ramps that worked perfectly for her in her chair. The metal ramps came up to just the right height and she was able to push the balls down, past the safety of the bumpers we had up for her, and giggle with excitement as the pins knocked down. Those bumpers we had up for “Maddie” sure came in handy for my rusty arm as well! We went earlier in the day, when there was hardly anyone there, so it wouldn’t be too crowded or loud. In retrospect, we are the ones that brought the noise because Maddie’s laughs and cheering could have been heard a mile away! (Click here or on the picture above to see her in action) I won’t mention the fact that she beat me on her first try…

Another huge hit for us was the museum. Our local chapter has a children’s room that is full of fun things to do. Being a public place, the accessibility is great. Maddie got to enjoy putting on a puppet show from on stage, seeing her face in all the crazy mirrors they have, doing arts and crafts, and playing with all of the interactive exhibits. I would recommend going online to check out the museums in your area to see what they have to offer!

A few other great places to mention are the “movie pee-ater” as Maddie calls it, the public library, our indoor aquatic center where you can swim year round, and Barnes and Noble. The library is great because it has different activities going on most days, and they have a computer space that Maddie enjoys playing on. Maddie loves our bookstore because it has a colorful kid’s area with a train table that she plays with. Not to mention it is a free option, minus any books that her sweet face can convince us she can’t live without!

Cabin fever is real! Throw a little one in the mix, and it can be a recipe for Mommy to get a cheap ticket for a ride on the crazy train! I keep my tool box full of indoor ideas to fight off any boredom that can come from days stuck inside fighting off the rain and the cold.


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