Operating your Tablet and Smartphone using a Mouth Stick

Hi – this is Danny and I am going to show how to operate your iPhone and your iPad using a mouth stick. So if you have no control with your hands and arms – this is a great way and an easy way to do this.  

So you can either have it – I have this great set up where my things are in front of me. You can also lay it on some kind of tray on your lap but this is how I have it set up.

So all you do is grab it with my mouth – I can go on the internet or use my phone whenever I need to. (Danny demonstrates)

I’m going to do my iPad. (Danny demonstrates)

And the same thing with my phone. (Danny demonstrates)

Then when I want to put the mouth stick down – or the bite stick down – This is all I do. And let it rest here.

I am all taped up here and it’s not that pretty but it is functional.

All it is, is a little piece of tubing and it holds it. The mouth stick was custom made by someone at Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

So there you go. Have a great day. Danny

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