My Experience with the MAGIC 3 GO™ Intermittent Catheter

As a mother of two, my normal day-to-day life is extremely demanding. I have been a C7 quadriplegic for 38 years and have seen the evolution of catheters and have almost tried them all out. It has always been my personal quest to discover what product would provide me the highest quality of life. The MAGIC3 GO® gave me I feel, more control in my intermittent catheter daily program. As I age with my disability I look for a catheter that delivers convenience, confidence, and discreteness. It can be a challenge to find a catheter that meets these three requirements. The MAGIC3 GO® not only matches these personal requirements but exceeded my expectations.

Convenience was experienced the first time I sampled the MAGIC3 GO®The packaging was developed with easy to open ‘thumb holes’. This provided me with a wonderful alternative than using my teeth. Yes, in the past, I had resorted to opening my catheters with my teeth. As a quadriplegic, my hand dexterity is greatly affected by my spinal cord injury. Catheters that I had used prior the MAGIC3 GO® did not have easy to open tabs. The MAGIC 3 GO®  allows me to use the thumb hole to open the catheter with ease.I discovered a new sense of confidence in the ‘pre-lubricated coating’. For the first time I was capable of eliminating an entire step of my IC program! This was a huge gain in confidence. The MAGIC3 GO® provides me with a ready to use catheter. No more water on my hands or mess on my clothes. I feel the pre- lubed silicone catheter made a complicated cathing procedure easier!The MAGIC3 GO® catheter also has a unique handle/funnel that actually operated like a "gripper" for me. The funnel/handle gave me greater control during the insertion process. For me, it allows me to feel completely in control of the catheter from start to finish.As a woman, even after 38 years of injury, I want to protect my privacy. Especially in the area of cathing. In products prior to the MAGIC3 GO®I would use a backpack to carry all my catheter supplies- catheters, lubrication, and the packages that they came in. They were never designed to be compact nor developed with privacy in mind. The MAGIC3 GO® is compact in size, similar to a feminine hygiene product and gave me discreteness for the first time.My expectations were exceeded when I saw the box my catheters come in. With it’s easy to open dispenser I can store the MAGIC3 GO® in the container it was packaged in with the utmost privacy. I feel very comfortable with the box in my bathroom closet without ever having to explain what the product is.So over all I am very pleased with the MAGIC3 GO®. The convenient ‘thumb holes’ on the packaging I feel makes the catheter easy to open. I love that the catheter is pre-lubricated- one less step in my catheterization procedure and finally the packaging is compact and provides me with discreetness I look for.


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