In Sickness and In Health

When Daniel and I renewed our vows in celebration of our twenty-fifth anniversary, we had no idea we would shortly thereafter be living out the “in sickness and in health” part. Ours was not the typical love story. It was a whirlwind romance. We met at church. I fell in love with his soul before a word had even been spoken between us. It was as I listened to him sing a solo, his countenance displaying his pure love for the Lord. He had a beautiful voice yet a humble spirit. The Lord spoke to my heart saying ”You will be his helpmate.” I dismissed it as just a crazy thought. He had a girlfriend. I didn’t really know him. Four months later we were exchanging vows at our church in the presence of our Pastor and about five others. There were no wedding attendants, no flowers, no candelabras, no beautiful gown, or photographer. My Daddy didn’t walk me down the aisle. None of this seemed to matter as we stood before the Lord and exchanged vows, took communion, and entered into a covenant relationship. It was too fast for some, but we knew it was His plan and timing. I had found the one my soul loved and likewise had he.

On our twenty-fourth anniversary, bearing a single red rose, Daniel came to my work, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him, again. My sweet man wanted to give me my fairytale. Little did he know, he already had. The next year we renewed our vows in the beautiful backyard of our precious friends, who were two of the five in attendance twenty-five years prior. Trish and Brannon opened their home to us and Trish, who is an ordained minister, officiated. It was a beautiful ceremony, complete with a photographer, flowers, and attendants. Our beautiful children stood alongside us!


Six months after our vow renewal ceremony, we sat in a doctor’s office as he solemnly told us that I either had a brain tumor or aneurysm. It’s all about perspective for sure. Finding out that I had Multiple Sclerosis was good news in light of the other options. From that day forward, we have chosen HOPE. I take injections three times a week in an effort to keep my MS in remission. Although I was trained by my nurse to give them to myself, in the past two years I have only done it twice. My husband has insisted that he give them to me. The first month, tears filled his eyes as he prayed before he gave me the shot. While it’s not as emotional now because it’s become our new normal, he always prays for me.

February is the month for celebrating love. We need to make sure that the love being bestowed on us is being reciprocated. Caregivers often have a rough job. It can easily become a mundane task or burdensome, thankless job. I am truly thankful that my sweet caregiver/ husband takes the time to pray for me. It’s truly a blessing. He writes love notes in the journal we use to keep up with my injection sites. I don’t always read them right away. Instead, I flip through the pages when no one is looking. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as he prays for me before he gives me my injection, I gently lay my hand on his bowed head and I pray for him.


“Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite.”


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