They call him “Questo”.

Meet the newest member of our team.  They call him “Questo,” for his sometimes annoying habit of asking lots and lots of questions. Whether it was about the tide, the wind or the waves, Danny wanted to learn everything he could about surfing. Danny with his many questions became one of the best surfers on the east coast!

With his sparkly eyes and big smile, the commendable sportsman became a champion, and in the process earned endearment of his fans.

The friendly Upper Township native hit Ocean City’s surfing scene with tenacity. He made friends for life even as he rose through the ranks to become one of the region’s best surfers and travel around the world competing.

He graduated from Ocean City NJ High School in 1993. He left the area years ago, settling in Fort Walton Beach, Fl., but maintained his close ties with the local surfing community. So when a recent spinal cord injury left him paralyzed, the tight-knit group rallied to do whatever they could for a friend in need.

A firefighter, EMT and paramedic in South Walton Beach and a Realtor for Keller Williams, Danny is well known in his community. Many have stepped forward and supported him during his recovery. But Danny gives as much (or more) than he receives! Danny has such strength and work ethic that he attempted to continue his real estate business during his stay at the hospital, but the spinal cord injury and rehab consumed all his time. It’s was a strenuous journey. Danny underwent 18 months of rehabilitation after he his C5 vertebrae was shattered when he dove off a boat at Norriego Point in Destin, Fl. on April 14, 2012.

It didn't stop him! He never quit! And returned to his real estate career after rehabilitation. There was never a doubt that he would get back to the things he loved--especially the water! An earlier attempt at surfing was tough, but Danny will try again. He plans to get an electric reel to get back into fishing as well.

The former South Walton firefighter got moral support and found fortitude with his ban of firefighter brothers. Fellow firefighters continue to support and encourage Danny through the changes in his life. They are a mainstay for him.

Danny started his career in real estate in 2009 at Keller Williams Realty. Now he is the team leader at 30a Local Properties. His real estate partner and mother, Arlene and he work hand-in-hand on all of their real estate transactions. Danny is the listing specialist of the team while Arlene is the buyers specialist. Danny’s niche is in investment properties and 2nd homes. Arlene works more with primary residents. Both living in Santa Rosa Beach, the teams primary markets include but are not limited to from 30a to Destin.

Danny is also an accomplished member of the top producing team at Keller Williams in 2013 and recognized as the top 3 during 2014. 

We welcome Danny to our BardCare Team!

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