A Parent’s Guide to Cathing on Vacation

My family loves to vacation! From Disney World, to the beach, to the mountains, we try to go as often as we can muster. Vacations with children are so much fun! With that fun also comes a few unique hurdles. With children it seems as if you are packing the entire house, keeping them entertained in the car, and keeping them on some resemblance of a schedule. When traveling with your child that also requires intermittent catheterization, you have a few more hurdles to traverse. After our four years of traveling with Maddie, I like to think we have become pretty savvy at scaling the hurdles with style; mind you we got to this point from a lot of learning the hard way. So I wanted to take this chance to maybe save some parents the leg work and share a few of our travel survival ‘must haves’ to make cathing as easy as possible.

I believe one of the best inventions for parents is the collapsible wagon. It is amazing for transporting your child in amusement parks or even on the beach. For the parent of a child requiring catheterization, it also doubles as a portable and from my viewpoint a cleaner environment for cathing! When we went to Disney, we used it in the park. Instead of having to cath Maddie in a public restroom--with little privacy and loads of germs--we would just pull our little wagon to a private place and cath her in the bottom of it. It had plenty of room to lay her down and, if you bring an umbrella, it serves as even more privacy. The wagon has revolutionized this germ-a-phobic momma’s cathing experience at parks. The other spot we utilize while cathing on vacation is the back of my SUV. We save a space in the back where we can lay her down. Believe me...this beats the alternative of using the public restroom at the gas station--right! My car always has good air conditioning, and again, for me, the clean factor--we are dealing with OUR germs and not the worlds! The umbrella also can be used for privacy and comes in handy here also.

There are a few other ‘must haves’ we don’t leave home without. I stock up on the disposable bed protectors because they are huge, clean, and make for a good surface to lay in the back of a car or in a hotel to cath a child on. Little tip, they are so large, cut them in half or in quarters to save money! We also order gloves and iodine pads in bulk. These can be a parent’s best protection for their child on the road. We recently found out about the fully closed catheter kits that are available! They have everything we need all wrapped up in one clean package. I keep a few of them with us at all times in case we have to cath in a less than ideal location.

Vacationing with your family is a blast and so vital to relationships and the family dynamic. Plan out your trip in advance and try to think of little ways to make the trip less daunting. This way you can avoid stress and simply focus on having the time of your life!


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