Transferring to a Car Seat

Wheelchair to car transfers can be a challenge. There are many types of modified vehicles. Which create many different ways to transfer from a wheelchair to an automobile. In this video, Maria demonstrates how she navigates her ramp van and successfully transfers from her wheelchair to the driver seat. Maria gives several great points and tips that can help with car transfers.

"The first thing we have to do is to master this hill.  We do that.  We close up the ramp.  God willing – the thing works – which it doesn’t half the time.

Then you want to make sure you have on shoes so that your feet don’t get all scrubbed up. Put one leg over, lock your chair down – put the other on your foot plate – slide forward – I kind of turn my knees in to the side so they don’t hit the dash

I grab with my right arm because my left arm is the one that is injured – So grab with your right arm – and pull over – put both legs on – turn your chair sideways so it doesn’t flip.

And there you have it!"


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