Playing with Dolls

Sometimes Maddie says things that make me forget she is only four. The glimpses I get inside her little mind often reveal a spirit much older than her meager years. 

On one such occasion, she was playing on the floor with her dolls. She had a mommy doll and a baby doll and was carrying on the cutest little conversation between the two. Maddie told the baby doll “Mommy is going to put on her apron now. You are going to have to go into the machine for just a minute. Don’t worry. It’s only a little bit scary. Your mommy will be right here.”

David and I sat there in tearful awe. She has had more x-rays and CT scans in her life than I can count. Each time she gets a little braver and her tears a little more sparse. Now we could hear in her own words how she felt about it, our brave warrior imparting her wisdom on her tiny doll. Part of me was filled with sadness that Maddie has had to learn all about this at such a young age.

How many other four year olds role play about tests in the hospital? A larger part of me was overcome with pride, hearing the bravery that has built inside my child through her adversities. I can only imagine how strong she will become as she grows.

For now, I will sit back and enjoy innocent days spent playing with dolls.


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