Family, Fun and Fall

I always love the fall weather. We enjoy smore’s by the fire and decorating pumpkins. The kids love to dress up too. I will have to admit that trick or treating up town with the huge crowds can be overwhelming. Not to mention the rough terrain. The last couple of years we have tried to do things that are more accommodating for our family. We attend our church fall festival and usually have a small family get together so all the little kids can dress up and play games. Even though so many things have changed, I try to keep my parenting as close to normal for my kids. We still enjoy all the things we did before. We just have to find a modified way of doing them.

I made these awesome melted crayon pumpkins with my kids. I think any child would love to do this crafty art project. We gathered our materials first: pumpkins, crayons (unwrap them), hot glue, newspaper (for protecting your furniture), and a blow dryer. We just glued our crayon pieces on our pumpkins. This is where my kids were creative and made their own masterpiece! Then the blow dryer slowly melted the crayons. It's a great way to add color to the pumpkin and avoid the mess with carving. Hope you and family will add this to your fall celebration.


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