It's Football Time!

My family loves football. We watch it, talk about it, and even play front yard football together. It is rare that we miss our favorite college team play (SEC, of course) and we enjoy our local high school football games as a traditional family outing.

Why do we enjoy this sport so much? Well, for starters, tailgating. A tailgate party is the pre-game social event held around the open tailgate of our Jeep, with our famous grilled hamburgers, along with all the other unhealthy, fatty and snack food you could ever imagine. The pre-game party is all about great food, passionate fans, and time honored traditions. It’s a time where my family connects with friends that we have known for years. A game of corn hole, tailgating bean bag toss, is the center attraction. It can become quite competitive at times.

Now – the game itself. Football is like a game of chess. I like this metaphor because chess is considered the game of strategy. Football may appear to be plays and tough lineman making hard hitting blocks, but it is actually a game won by strategy. It is so much fun hearing my 11-year old and my husband talk football strategy! It is even better when I offer my off-the-recliner commentary which often undermines their strategic plans. This is how we “talk” football.

A high school football games is our usual Friday night family fall outing. This environment provides us with an energetic experience. This is where we connect with our community. Lawn chairs, kids running around, stadium lights, and high school marching bands create an atmosphere that has the capability to unite a town like few things can. Here, it’s not so much about the winning (although that’s fun too). The focus is about boosting student morale. I find great pleasure in cheering from the sideline. I like it best when a defense play generates just as much of a reaction from the crowd as a touchdown or long pass can. It is a thrilling spectator sport.

Football is a great way to get involved with friends and your community. There are very few challenges with a wheelchair to enjoy tailgating and football. If you attend a college or pro football game, pre-purchase your tickets. Most stadiums offer outstanding seating accommodations for wheelchair users. Disabled seating generally is located on many levels, offering different pricing and choices. I have often noticed power outlets available for guests who use power wheelchairs.

Football is king in the south. It’s time for football y'all!



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