My Therapy Journey - Going Home

After arriving home from Shepherd Center everything became therapy. Things that were once so easy were now so hard. We take for granted the little things like taking a shower, getting dressed, cooking and cleaning. Those were some of the things I actually missed the most.

I was learning how to take care of my needs and my family’s needs. I started therapy in Vidalia Georgia. A couple times a week I would get occupational therapy on my arm to keep it stretched. I also did physical therapy which consisted of walking on the leg braces, weight training and pool therapy. The leg braces definitely were not as functional as I had envisioned them being. It took forever to get from point A to B and that was with 2 spotters and I white knuckling the walker.

My dad took my old hoyer lift that I had to use at Shepherd Center and mounted it for a pool lift. This was amazing. My family knows how much I love the outdoors and swimming with my kids. So, I was able to transfer into the pool without getting hurt. I have to say that the pool therapy is some of the best therapy I have done for my arm. After starting back to work it became harder and harder to fit in therapy. You can only imagine, chasing 22 four year olds all day then going home to take care of my personal children. That is therapy within itself! On the days I can I still go and walk on my leg braces. I enjoy doing yoga with Rylie Brooke and playing ball with Dylan. It keeps me active and involved with my kids. During the summertime I spend a great deal of time swimming and handcyling.

Now things are back to the new normal for my family.  I’ve really enjoyed getting back in the kitchen. Rylie Brooke loves to cook with me. The house cleaning, now that is a different story.  Most days, the best therapy I get is pushing a manual wheelchair from sun up until sun down.

But, I ‘m just glad I’m still here to be a part of it all.


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