Challenges with Catheters - An Interview


What are some of the difficulties you have encountered using both internal and external catheters?

Originally, some of the difficulties I had with male external catheters were the inability of them to stay on.  And they would pop off all the time.  And that is a terrible situation when you are anywhere – even if you are just at home and it happens.  It’s not a good situation.  It’s bound to happen.  It’s not natural to have that there all the time, so it’s bound to happen.  You deal with it and you learn to move on but I found with the BARD Spirit male external catheter – that it is very adhesive.  So I haven’t had the issue of that in a long time.  And then, for me, the ability to put one on – or to self cath myself with my disability in my hands is an issue.  So I have always had to learn how to do that and overcome those obstacles.


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