He Who Owns the Most Toys Wins! Part 2

Since my accident, life is different.  I am entirely grateful for the physical ability I have.  The doctors determined I would acquire limited return of function.  Each day, I face my limitations and recurrent nerve pain with a coping strategy of finding new ways to make things work.  I actively choose to keep moving forward.  My view on life has changed.  

But my old “toys” mantra is very much alive. It has just taken on a new form.

I consider my wheelchair one of my “toys”.  I have several different wheelchairs for different uses.  My everyday chair is a Quickie GT – it’s like the Porsche of wheelchairs!  My admiration for motors is alive and well.  It is apparent in the many adapted vehicles parked at home.  My favorite of all is my adaptive camper.  The camper opens up a whole world of adventure for me.

Every adventure I take, either camping or fishing, I always learn something.  My life journey is the same.  One of my most valuable lessons learned is a community of friends is invaluable.  I live by myself in the country on the lake where I grew up skiing and fishing.  It is formed by a dam on the Chattahoochee River.  I have a community of friends that I can call upon.  After injury, I identified things that are clearly important to my; my faith, family, friends and service to others.  I knew this before my accident but today they have a direct impact on my quality of life.

My first love, the love of music, has certainly gained a higher position on my priority list.  I work each day at becoming an improved musician.  My accident created an urgency to seek my calling.  And music is where I find that fulfillment.  With my adaptive camper, I make an annual trip of 1000 miles to Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, TX.  I attend an 18 day festival on a 100 acre ranch where it is all about the music.  This year marks my 18th trip (pre and post SCI).  This trip is evidence that life goes on and we adapt.  The toys may change, the direction may be altered, but the dreams (and achieving them) are still there!

Join the community to see what my next new toy may be or the next new adventure I conquer! 


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